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Moving on

I’m moving.

Moving cities.

Moving forward.

Moving towards big personal goals.

Working for myself.

Digging new stories.

Exploring more.

Writing, creating, documenting, sharing, making, learning, freaking the shit out…

… and getting it all done anyway.

It’s a strange yet fitting time to do that.

There’s the appeal of the New Year, of the New Decade.

The introspection. The resolutions.

It was cathartic for me to savour the NYE as representation of this new, exciting & scary phase.

I celebrated with friends, and felt loved and cherished.

I danced, laughed, had both sober and drunk heart-to-hearts, with loving wishes flowing around.

As I walked back home through the warm rain in the early hours of the first day of the year, it felt like the last few months were being washed off me.

I couldn’t stop smiling.

It felt liberating.

Like the very end of a long exhale.

That moment just before you breathe in again.

To then take in, moment by moment, what the world has to offer.

With passion, determination, focus, and with patience.

But the first steps towards healing, evolving, moving forward were first taken months ago.

True change happens when it’s needed.

Sometimes, it comes without warning.

Sometimes, when we open ourselves to - or look for - it.

But most importantly, change happens when we act on it.

And that can be any time of the year.

Real, lasting progress often takes time, energy and resolve.

It’s a continuum.

Those initial actions are why I can feel the way I do now and take this leap.

To move to a new, warmer country, and focus on me.

On projects that truly resonate with me and ignite my passions.

And inspire curiosity, kindness and confidence.

I feel much more eager now to take whatever is next.

The unexpected, the unplanned, the fuck, what then?! moments that will certainly come.

It’s not that I feel invincible or fearless.

Not at all.

My anxiety is through the roof.

I feel almost as scared as I feel excited.

As unprepared as I am ready.

But I’ve learned that energy is our most valuable resource.

And sometimes we’ve gotta stop, change, and readjust directions, to recharge & refuel.

The last few months have made me stronger and grittier.

More patient and compassionate too.

I’ve learned and grown a whole fucking lot.

With the humility to know there’s still plenty more to unfold.

What I wish for you is that you don’t wait for a full-blown anxiety crisis or a big external sign to start moving.

And for sure don’t wait for the next big fucking fireworks show to get things done.

Because, my dear, the only time we have for sure is now.

It’s about time we face our fears and act.

That’s what I’m doing, and I believe you can too.

If you'd like to have a chat about this or talk about a possible collaboration, get in touch - I'm sure we could learn from each other.



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