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You do you

Recently I realised something.

That, no matter how much you try to please people, there will still be those who will dislike, disrespect and even try to diminish you.

So, be whoever the fuck you want to be.

Because people will have opinions about you no matter what you do.

So, if you’re going to have to deal with naysayers, it might better be for being you or standing for something you truly believe.

As the saying goes, you better be you - everyone else is taken.


Don’t use that new-found freedom to be a prick.

That’s not what this is about.

I still firmly believe in kindness to others.

This is about you feeling free to be you, unapologetically.

About standing for values and fighting for goals you care about.

And in a way, it’s about growth too.

Because don’t you for a second believe that you’re all that you’re supposed to be yet.

Be proud of who you are now, yes.

But know that there’s a lot more you could be. And that’s the beauty about humanity.

So, be proud, be humble, be kind - but ultimately, be you.

* Seriously, don’t be a prick. Plus, don’t go around negatively judging people based on one interaction - you have no idea what they might be going through.



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