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Connecting relativity and empathy

Relativity and empathy are two matters that I never thought of connecting before.

Empathy is the ability of understanding the feelings and perspectives of others.

Relativity is about a shitload of things I don’t fully understand, but it is roughly based on the notion that different observers obtain different results even when observing the same thing.

Think this:

Or better, watch this:

The video says it all:

‘Observers in different frames will perceive different versions of the same reality’

I love that! The idea that two - or more - opposing perspectives can be concurrently right. And that relativity and empathy have a common essence. So, next time you think someone is wrong, realise that it might just be that their point of reference is different from yours. ‘Before you starting making any observational arguments with others, first imagine yourself observing through their point of reference’.

But what’s more, I love that it can be a 6 or a 9, but not a 2 or a 7 - the concrete idea that even when some things are up to debate, others are not.

Like Pinkman would say:



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