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Enhanced self?

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I read an article about how to dress for an interview with advice from fashion editors. (Before technology, fashion was my creative escape and I still follow the industry with fondness). There, one editor said that for an interview, she would follow steps to look like a slightly enhanced version of herself.

I love this.

Not because I agree with it, but because it made me think.

Why do we have to look more impressive for an interview? Yes, the article also said to be me, myself. But why do I have to look like an enhanced version of myself? Does it mean that on my day-to-day, I will be less than that?

My point is why do we have to look like a better version of ourselves then? Forget fashion here. Why can’t we always be - or at least, strive to be - our enhanced version? That version who is eager to show their potential, to start and create something new? It is not wrong to try to impress at an interview. You probably have to do it to get the job. My problem is when we stop there. When we think that because we got the job, we’ve made it. That’s stupid. Getting the job is just the very start. Getting things done on the job is where the real opportunity to show your better version is.

Not at an interview. Not with fancy follow up emails. Not with samples of previous work. But when you’re there. And you’re improving. And you’re eager. And you don’t let that go.



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