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Nicole Ingra

Strategist, writer, feminist, human.

I learn, find solutions, and tell stories for a living.

According to trusted reviews from friends & coworkers, I’m brave, kind, fierce, unafraid to face difficult situations, generous, interesting, ambitious, honest, outspoken, & passionate.

(Sometimes they say I’m funny, but invariably they’ll say I’m fun)

When I care, I fucking care. 

You'll often find me asking questions, curious about people and what drives them.

My favorite feeling to have & evoke is I haven’t thought about it this way. 

I’m on a quest to inspire more confidence, curiosity and kindness in the world, with a big smile, a little self-doubt, loads of energy & quite a few swear words. 

Every other week, I talk to other humans about their stories to help skip others forward on their journeys, at shrtcttng, which is also now a podcast. Sporadically, I’ll send an email about Things I Found. 

​The goal here is to show a bit of how I think, and inspire someone, somewhere, somehow.

Currently in Barcelona, available worldwide. Say hi.

Say hi, click one of the below.

(I love coffee and a good conversation, even if it's online)

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